Prof. Dr. Sherif BUNDO

Finance & Power of financial analysis

Sherif Bundo is a Doctor of Science since 1991, and Professor since 1999. He is an author of books and trainer on economic topics, and also President of the Association of Accountants and Financiers of Albania.

He brings a unique combination of 42 years of excellent academic expertise, and a hands-on-job experience in business practices, as Chief Financial Officer and as General Manager.

Graduated in Accounting at the University of Tirana, he continued his postgraduate studies (MBA) at the University of Poitiers (PUATJE) France, at the Institute of Enterprise Administration.

He started his 32-year academic career as Financial Management of Enterprises lecturer and then as a professor at the Faculty of Economics of UT. He is a guest professor for more than 22 years at the Poitiers University, France, and also had lectured numerous times at different educational institutions in Albania and Kosove, like Universities of Prishtina, Shkodra, Korça, as well as in various local institutions.

His academic contribution is closely linked to his long work experience, which started as an economist, and then Director in the banking sector, and in various enterprises and institutions. He has been a Member of Albania Parliament, Minister of Tourism, and currently Chairman of the Accountants and Financiers Association of Albania, as well as the Chairman of Erasmus Plus KA107 Project, funded by the European Union.

Prof. Sherif Bundo is the author of 32 books on economics published in Albania and France. He has been awarded various diplomas by the Albanian government and various universities.