Event hall

Expo City

Autostrada Tiranë – Durrës, kilometri 18 / Harta në vijim

Në brendësi do gjeni detaje për eventin. Lutemi t’i lexoni me kujdes

Date and times of the event

If you are in a different time zone, we recommend shifting your schedule on event week to be able to fully immerse in this event!

Below is a rough schedule of the daily schedule. Timetables are approximate and any change in departure time will be communicated at the end of the training day

09:00 – 19:00 April 12, 2024

09:00 – 19:00 April 13, 2024

09:00 – 19:00 April 14, 2024

The times above for the seminar are approximate times only. Vasili is committed to the highest standards of knowledge transmission and insists that all material is treated in its entirety, so schedules are subject to change.


All participants in this event MUST REGISTER. On the first day of the event (April 12, 2024) the registration process starts at 08:00. Due to the high number of participants, please allow at least 30 minutes for this process.

At registration, you will receive your:

  • Wristband (identifier) and personal badge;
  • workbook
  • pen

Entrances to the training hall open at 08:45. Please register early to secure a good spot.

The beneficiaries of the “Gold / VIP” package must be registered by 08:30, in order to be registered (enter) in advance in the hall.


Entry will be made only after presentation of the ticket, the device with the wristband (identifier) ​​and the distinguishing mark (badge).

The latter will be given to you during the registration process. Please wear your wristband (identifier) ​​and badge during all three days of the program duration.



All participants must register by submitting all necessary details at the time of registration and must then wear the relevant identification signage (wristband and badge) throughout the duration of the event.

We reserve the right to deny entry, or to require a person already admitted to leave the event, without refund, liability or compensation if we consider that the circumstance so require.


English translation will be available for all participants who will need it.

Please contact us at [email protected].


Your E-tickets will be sent to your email address closer to the event. The ticket will gain you entry into the event. You are required to bring your ticket to registration on Friday 8th April 2022, please print it off and keep it safe.

Nëse do blini bileta për një grup personash, jeni të ftuar të kontaktoni me skuadrën e “Mjeshtëro Biznesin”, për të përfituar ofertat në grup. Mund të na kontaktoni përmes faqes së eventit www.mjeshterobiznesin.com ose në numrin +355 67 606 01112.

If tickets are purchased from sources other than those authorized, they will be considered invalid. +355 67 606 01112.

Seating category

The Seating Category printed on your ticket indicates your seating section.

Free seating applies only within your seating category.

Regjistrimi dhe hyrja e hershme në sallë ju mundëson sigurimin e një vendi më të përshtatshëm qëndrimi.

Important equipment to have with you

  1. Warm jacket or coat
  2. Pen
  3. Your own water bottle
  4. Some snacks as the timing for breaks maybe irregular

Food and drink

Near the event hall there are various environments and opportunities where you can eat or drink coffee and soft drinks. Meanwhile, the organizers have provided free water for all participants.


The program will be accompanied by music, movement and interaction. Please choose a comfortable, seasonally appropriate bodysuit and shoes/sneakers. The room temperature may not be constant.

Filming & Recording

Taping or recording during any session is prohibited at all times.

Buying souvenirs

It will be possible to buy souvenirs of “Master Business” and books published by Vasili, at the event premises.


To come to the event venues, all participants can use urban transport or other means, as desired or possible.


There is ample free parking space on the premises of Ecpo City for about 400 vehicles.

Entrances for people with disabilities

There is disabled access throughout the venue.

Additional information about the event environment

For further information on the venue go to the following website http://www.expocity.al


For further inquiries, please email us at [email protected].